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Relentless Pursuit

S2E7: A Passion for God and Photography

39 minutes

Jaden loved photography. But he didn’t know God would use that love to bring the faces of the unreached to the attention of the Church. How might God use your unique gifts and skills to expand His kingdom among the nations?

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Show Notes

In what ways has God gifted you? Have you ever thought about how you might offer those gifts back to Him?

Today, Jaden shares how God has used his love of photography to bring the faces of the unreached to the Church’s attention. He challenges us with the truth that our infinitely creative God has a place to use each of us with our unique experiences, gifts, and skill sets to expand his kingdom among the nations.

In this episode, we discuss:

  • How the camera can be a bridge 
  • Amazing stories of how God led Jaden in what seemed like a hopeless search for people of a certain persecuted minority group
  • How traveling in difficult places and taking photos has furthered the Kingdom


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