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Relentless Pursuit

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What does missions really look like? The lives of cross-cultural workers can sometimes be shrouded in mystery—or obscured by misconceptions. In each episode of the Relentless Pursuit Podcast, we go behind the scenes to talk to a missionary about their life and work. Join us as we uncover the messy, rewarding, sometimes dangerous journey of following Jesus to the nations.

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Want to help believers like Bishara and missionaries like Dan work together to make disciples in unreached areas?

Pioneers has seen God move in mighty ways over this last year—especially across West, Central and North Africa. The testimonies of new believers in this region are a great encouragement. But these new believers also face significant opposition. So, in the face of such opposition, it is vital that we continue to send new missionaries to provide the relationships, fellowship and discipleship needed by new believers.

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Welcome to the Relentless Pursuit Podcast
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