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S1E2: What If It’s Too Risky?

32 minutes

Chris, a physician, served in Central Asia for 14 years. But in his early years, he wondered if it was worth it as he battled culture shock, sickness and more. On the other hand, saying yes to God also meant seeing his own life and those of others transformed by the gospel’s power.

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Show Notes

What if we were meant to be transformed?

What if following Jesus means taking steps seen as risky, but what follows is our transformation?

Listen in as we talk with Chris about risk, how it transforms us, and how we can shift our attitude to see the benefits we gain in saying yes. Chris shares stories of transformation in his own life and the beauty in seeing others’ lives transformed by the gospel’s power.

Chris served in Central Asia for 14 years as a physician. He has seen how God uses our yes to change us as He works toward His mission in the world.  

Throughout this episode, we hear Chris talk about risk, suffering and the joy found in the sacrifice.

Chris starts by defining risk as the choices we make. He also talks about how the arc of scripture opens our eyes to a more remarkable story. Even the Bible talks about risk. When we see our neediness in our sin and the grandness of Christ’s sacrifice, the risk of our sacrifice seems small. Chris’s story explores how the call to missions involves risk and suffering, but what we may give up pales in comparison to what we gain from joining God’s purpose.

Chris shares about his early years of struggling on the field battling culture shock, sickness and conflict with his wife. Through this season, he learned a deeper dependency on God and the importance of hearing and knowing God’s will. In his 14 years on the field, God gave Chris great joy in seeing people’s hearts transformed by the power of the gospel. Listen to hear stories and encouragement from Chris as we seek to be transformed together through obeying God.

Together let’s stop and ask ourselves, “What would happen if I said no to the risk God gives me? Would I be denying other people or denying myself of the transformation to come?”

In this episode, we discuss:

  • What is risk, and how does it affect the choices we make?
  • How risk is woven throughout God’s story
  • What we may see as a sacrifice may ultimately result in gaining so much more
  • Joy in sacrifice
  • Struggle in the early years on the field
  • Transformation and power of the gospel
  • Discipleship, risk, obedience, transformation and following Jesus


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