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S1E1: What If God Doesn’t Use Me?

32 minutes

Joe struggled with what seemed like two good paths: a life in academia and a life in missions. Even as he took steps to go to Central Asia, he asked, what if he could be used better in a university? What if he showed up overseas and was utterly useless?

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Show Notes

You want to leverage your life for God’s mission, but fear and questions pop up.

Where will God take me? Will I hate it? Will it be harmful to me? Will I get sick and never recover? What will others say? Is this really what God wants from me? What do we do with this fear that follows when we decide to live as a world Christian?

In this episode, we chat with Joe about fear, risk and joining God in His mission.

Picture Central Asia in the early 2000s, in a country torn apart by war and ruled by a harsh regime. Now God asks you to go. What do you do next? Joe shares his journey with fear, risk and wrestling with the call God had given him to serve in this location. We discuss the unknowns of following Christ, God’s desire to use us and how to walk faithfully by taking the next step.

Joe felt called to lay down his dream of being a college professor to serve overseas. Today he serves in the home office of Pioneers-USA and is a passionate visionary for seeing God’s people mobilized into missions. Joe now lives in Orlando, Florida with his wife and two sons.

He is involved in helping people discover where God is calling them and developing world Christians.

In this episode, we discuss:

  • Joe’s story of going to the unreached
  • What do we do when we question God’s calling?
  • Faithful ways to step forward in God’s plan, despite fear
  • Can God really use me?
  • What is a world Christian?
  • Giving up dreams for something greater
  • The big yes to God and the journey of small yesses it takes to get there
  • Delivering pizza for the glory of God
  • Walking with family and friends as we pursue missions
  • Parting words for those embarking on this journey

You are not alone in the relentless pursuit of God’s glory. We’re here with you and are passionate about helping you take your next step.

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