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S2E5: The Reality of Singleness in Missions

57 minutes

Junia didn’t necessarily think she needed to be married to be a missionary. Indeed, marriage is a good gift. But in her years as a mission mobilizer, missionary and mission leader, she’s seen singleness as a gift with its own advantages.

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Show Notes

The truth that married couples represent Christ and the Church is popular.

But is there a special truth about Christ that singles display to the world? In today’s episode, Junia shares her insights into the beauty of singleness on the mission field.

In this episode, we discuss:

  • Opportunities and advantages of being single on the mission field
  • Safety concerns related to living as a single in a foreign country
  • Challenges of being a single missionary
  • A theology of singleness


Junia describes how taking a Perspectives class gave her a vision for missions and encouraged her to take a role in advancing God’s kingdom. Find out more about Perspectives classes here.

Junia mentions that short-term mission trips were instrumental in her journey of going overseas long-term. Emily also discusses how a short-term trip helped her envision long-term service. If you’re interested in tasting what missions is like by going on a short-term trip, check out our Edge trips here.

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