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Relentless Pursuit

S1E7: How Do I Obey When It Doesn’t Make Sense?

60 minutes

Summer taught at a school in Ethiopia, was part of church planting in tribal Uganda and then went to work among the unreached in Central Asia. Hear how God has guided and protected her—and can do the same for you.

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Show Notes

Are you willing to obey God to go wherever he takes you? Do you wrestle with what it practically means to walk with God in obedience?

In this episode, Summer shares her journey of obedience. Summer doesn’t see obedience to God as a burden but as the fruit of a loving relationship with God. Taking the next small step of obedience has led her to places and situations she never imagined. God has used Summer’s steps of obedience as a part of His larger plan to see churches formed among unreached peoples worldwide.

Through challenging circumstances and difficult living conditions, Summer shares stories of God’s protection over her, ways He led her into a deeper relationship with Him, and churches formed in unreached areas.

Summer is a storyteller, teacher, and follower of Christ, devoted to following God where He leads her. She has spent time teaching at a school in Ethiopia, church planting in tribal Uganda, and is now going to work among the unreached in Central Asia.  

The faithfulness of God is throughout Summer’s story—from her call to follow Jesus to her global adventures. Listen in to learn about obedience in the context of global missions and scary yeses.

In this episode, we discuss:

  • Obedience to God in the context of global missions
  • How small steps of obedience lead to the next step.
  • Teaching at an international school
  • Stories of living in a semi-nomadic warrior community in Uganda
  • The blessings that come from obeying God when it doesn’t make sense
  • God’s protection over our lives
  • The impact of Bible storying.
  • God’s glory displayed in our obedience.
  • The faith it takes to leave.