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S1E3: How Do I Know I’m Called to Missions?

48 minutes

Rachel didn’t think missions was for her, but as she learned about God’s heart for the nations, she wondered what she could do and how God might direct her. Hear how the journey led her to serve as a single woman in France.

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Show Notes

What does a calling to missions look like?

Do we need to hear a direct voice from God to participate in His global purpose? Does God use our strengths and desires when directing us where to go?

Maybe you are asking yourself these same questions. Listen to hear Rachel share how God led her to take part in His kingdom work while living in Paris.

Our guest today is Rachel. And what a privilege it is to hear her story. Rachel didn’t grow up wanting to be a missionary, but over her college years and beyond, she began to see that church is the means God uses to accomplish His global purpose in the world. She spent her first three years post-college with The Traveling Team, mobilizing college students and churches to serve among the world’s unreached peoples. She now leads a team in Paris working alongside a local church and mobilizes new workers to serve in Europe.

What does it look like to hear from God? Rachel shares how God called her and continues to call her daily into His mission.

At first, she felt missions was not for her. After learning about God’s heart for the nations, Rachel began to ask herself, “What can I do to work towards this mission?”

We hear how she views calling and God’s many small steps to lead her to serve in France. We discuss how God can use our strengths and desires to direct us where to serve within His will. There is a balance between being willing with open hands for God to use us anywhere for anything and looking to see where our giftings may play a part in that leading. We hear stories of struggle from Rachel’s first years living cross-culturally and the joys she experienced through intimacy with God during those hard times.

We talk about singleness on the field: the blessings it brings and how it draws us to trust the Lord. Rachel brings us clarity and perspective as we daily surrender our lives in small steps towards discovering God’s calling for our lives.

In this episode, we discuss:

  • Rachel’s story of God leading her into cross-cultural ministry
  • What does a calling from God look like?
  • Surrendering the image of what life “should” look like to follow God’s calling
  • Short term mission trips like Pioneers Edge trips
  • Calling through moving in a general direction and trusting God for the details
  • Is there a connection between our strengths and desires and God’s calling?
  • Rachel shares about dependency on God and intimacy with God
  • Is calling a one-time thing?
  • Calling as a daily surrender
  • Singleness on the field