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Relentless Pursuit

S2E10: Finding Joy in Suffering

66 minutes

Elijah and Emma served among Muslims in two North African countries. Learn about the challenges they faced and how the beauty of the gospel was revealed to their neighbors as a result.

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Show Notes

Content warning: violence, death, and infant loss

Am I willing to lay down the American dream and embrace suffering for God’s glory and the sake of others?

There is a cost to taking the gospel to the nations, and God is worthy of that cost. Elijah relates how God repeatedly brought this truth home to him and his wife as they served in two North African countries.

In this episode, we discuss:

  • The precious process God uses to move our hearts to where He wants us to go
  • Stories of the challenges Elijah and Emma faced and how neighbors got to see the beauty of the gospel through those situations
  • What it is like to serve among Muslims


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